Kassel BrownField site in Germany
Giving a second life to pre-loved land and materials. For us, one of the most exciting reasons for developing brownfield sites is the richness of their histories, and the circular potential of their materials. It’s important to note, however, that there are often limits to what we can do with industrialised land. Wherever we can, we aim to reinvigorate forgotten urban landscapes, preserve and update heritage architecture, and reuse crucial resources such as concrete.
Preserving nature through brownfield development. A key benefit of brownfields is ensuring that undeveloped land stays undeveloped — and alive with biodiversity. However, there are occasions where it is simply impossible to fulfil our customers’ needs within available nearby brownfield sites. Therefore, in addition to our regular carbon offsetting programmes, we contribute an additional 1€/sqm of compensation towards forestation and biodiversity projects for all unavoidable greenfield developments.
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