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Light industrial parks: Versatile space for endless possibility 

Located close to major cities, light industrial parks are multi-unit estates that are designed for a mix of activities such as research, storage, production, distribution, office and retail showroom space. Located in urban locations they also support last-mile logistics

Versatile and sustainable, light industrial developments welcome a wide range of customers by industry and size. From artisans and very small businesses to small-to-medium enterprises as well as global players.

Location: part of the urban fabric

Our light industrial properties are strategically located in major consumer markets, connected to existing transport networks (public, road, rail, airports and ports) and wider urban infrastructure. They provide easy access to large pools of consumers and the opportunity to reduce transport costs and related carbon emissions.


Light industrial parks facilitate various types of use in one estate, meaning they can support a customer’s entire value chain, from research and offices, to small scale production and logistics.

Here, customers can design, produce, store and sell, all on the same site. Our parks provide flexible spaces and opportunities as your business grows.

As light industrial parks are often home to complementary businesses, they can facilitate valuable relationships and convenient business opportunities.

Sustainable light industrial

Our light industrial parks are more than flexible, adaptable and attractive, they are sustainable too.

Developed in-line with our sustainability strategy in Continental Europe, GreenSpace+, is focused on helping our customers achieve their own goals with some of the most sustainable properties available. Features include:

  • Sustainable lighting and fossil-free heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) - minimising energy consumption and helping customers to track, monitor and adapt their energy usage
  • On-site renewable energy production - including solar PV. We’ve installed 35 MWp across new and existing facilities to date in CE 
  • EV charging infrastructure – such as dedicated parking bays and battery charging stations for customers’ vehicles  
  • Biodiversity initiatives – our light industrial parks work to contribute to biodiversity – establishing urban forests, linking wildlife corridors, installing gardens with beehives and expanding conservation areas at our sites for example 
  • Continued investment in sustainable innovations - including smart metering to track energy performance, or infrastructure to enable automation and robotics  
  • Efficient water management and rainwater harvesting to irrigate green spaces.   

Places promoting health and wellbeing

Our light industrial parks also incorporate wellbeing initiatives that positively impact our customers and their workforce. To promote health and wellbeing, we focus on creating a comfortable environment for our customers, also helping them to attract and retain talent. ;

Our design is focused on :

  • Modern, fresh architectural styles
  • Providing more natural light through skylights in production halls and floor to ceiling office windows  
  • Parking spaces, including EV charging points for cars and bicycles  
  • Creating attractive indoor and outdoor spaces such as kitchenettes, offices, fitness equipment, amenities and breakout areas 
  • Docks for rear loading and unloading
  • Ground-level doors for access to the hall

Working with customers, we can develop bespoke designs and features such as shelving systems, overhead cranes, and reinforced floors.