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We exist to make space for greatness. The people fixing the past, the companies building the present, and the visionaries shaping the future. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. But sometimes it keeps us awake at night, too.

Because although greatness gives people so much, it can also come at great cost to the natural environments on which we all depend.

After decades of collaborating with and learning from the field’s best and brightest, we’ve developed GreenSpace+ as a sustainability vision for going beyond carbon neutrality. It’s our commitment to provide our customers with tools to enable their wildest ambitions. For businesses, for communities, and for environments. All in one space.




Beyond carbon neutrality

When we think of the toll we’ve already taken on this planet, we recognise that net-zero isn’t good enough. That’s why we’ve launched GreenSpace+ as our pathway towards building and operating circular, net-positive spaces. We take care of making them green, so that our partners can focus on making them their own.

Did you know?

According to the World Economic Forum, the global building sector currently accounts for 38% of all GHG emissions. Although we firmly believe the space we provide is crucial for pushing society forwards, we also recognise our responsibility in being a part of the problem holding us back. GreenSpace+ is our way of taking action to meet and progress the greater sector’s sustainability objectives.




Beyond four walls

Space means so much more than what happens within the walls of our buildings. It’s also the ecosystems they sit within. The soil that they stand on top of. And the communities they operate within. Because the space we’re talking about, everyone shares — now and in the future.


Science-based target

At Goodman, we don’t believe that it’s enough to make bold statements and have big promises. If we want to move towards a low-carbon future, we need to create science-based targets based on externally-validated carbon reduction strategies. That’s why we’re proud to join the Science-Based Target initiative and be the first logistics real estate developer to pledge to bring our emissions within a 1.5°C trajectory.

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Resources and case studies

At the end of the day, sustainability is a team sport that no one can achieve alone. Think of GreenSpace+ as a promise and an invitation: a promise to always do better, and an invitation to do it together. Visit our Resources and case studies page to keep exploring and discover how we’ve brought GreenSpace+ to life through our properties, procedures and best practices.  

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GreenSpace+ is Goodman Europe’s focus on providing our customers with some of the most sustainable properties available. It is in addition to Goodman Group’s global sustainability strategy which can be found here.