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achieve greatness

Achieve greatness, together

For decades, Goodman has been creating spaces all over the world with great determination, ambition and success. Not just for our customers, but also for our team. Because we believe that leadership is never a matter of ‘making it to a certain job’. It’s a matter of making room for growth. For everyone. That’s just the Goodman way of working. It helps us innovate and get the most out of the fascinating opportunities our industry has to offer.

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become a leader

Everyone can be a leader here

New or experienced? At Goodman, there are plenty of opportunities to learn, to innovate, to drive change, to aim high and to help others do the same. Why? Because while everyone may be paving their own unique path, we’re in this together. We have the same destination: greatness. And through shared leadership, we get there. As a team.

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"We are committed to creating value."

Laura & Stijn

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"Shape the world and change the future."


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our values

Our values

The Goodman culture is very much alive wherever we operate in the world. Our core values shape that culture and are a key to our success. They allow our people to make a meaningful difference. And they help us provide high quality services to our customer and investors, and consistently offer property and investment solutions that are innovative as well as durable.

"Lead with purpose."


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diverse workforce

Everyone has their role to play

We don’t believe in titles, hierarchy, or other typical corporate routines. Rather, we’ve created an open, inclusive management structure that increases agility and well-being. So you will find no ‘managers’ at Goodman, but an internal, circle-based collaboration framework that enhances affiliation, growth, and self-direction. While the structure is non-hierarchical, we do give our people clear areas of responsibility and full decision-making powers, based on their capacities and intrinsic motivation. This means that people take action because they have the desire and the drive to make a difference – not because we tell them to. This is how we give meaning to people’s lives and careers.

A diverse and empowering workforce

Our teams work hard, so we support a healthy work-life balance through flexible working hours and different employment models that meet individual circumstances. As a global company, we value and promote a diverse workforce, ensuring every team and every team member can acquire a wide range of skills, abilities, and experiences. By empowering our people, we not only encourage them; we also create benefits for our clients and investors.

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