Solar panels on a Goodman rooftop
Electric car being charged on a Goodman provided charger
To enable and encourage the transition to cleaner mobilities, Goodman properties are already being equipped with a growing number of electric charging stations. When possible, we also develop riverside logistics facilities with docks that allow for unbroken transit of loaded vehicles: from warehouse to boat to city center. By transporting via water, cities can avoid added traffic, and the environment can avoid the pollution that brings.
Woman viewing energy tracking on IPad
If we want to become greener, we first need to be able to track our energy consumption in real-time. That’s why we equip many of our properties with smart meter-enabled Goodman Energy Trackers — to empower our customers to proactively measure and optimise their energy, water and gas consumption. On top of visibly encouraging cost- and emissions-saving habits, these smart meters also let our customers seamlessly manage their environmental reporting and costs.