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From smart meters and solar panels to more innovative forms of renewable energy, we're constantly looking for ways to optimise and minimise our energy usage.

Straight from the sun

We’re committed to getting as much of our energy as we can straight from the sun. While our solar power capacity as of September 2021 was 15 MW, our goal is to reach a capacity of 91 MW by 2025 and fully power our customer’s operational energy needs with renewable power. To achieve this, we have started installing solar PV installations on our existing sites, and are committed to adding solar panels to all developments in the future. Our properties’ solar supply regularly exceeds the operational demands of our customers — allowing us to inject clean energy back into the power grid.

Enabling cleaner mobilities

To enable and encourage the transition to cleaner mobilities, Goodman properties are already being equipped with a growing number of electric charging stations. When possible, we also develop riverside logistics facilities with docks that allow for unbroken transit of loaded vehicles: from warehouse to boat to city center. By transporting via water, cities can avoid added traffic, and the environment can avoid the pollution that brings.

Lighting, heating and cooling

Lighting, heating and cooling often make up the largest energy usage of our buildings. To make sure this is kept as low as possible, we are continuously upgrading our HVAC equipment to the most energy-efficient on the market. When it comes to lighting, our goal is to equip all our properties with LED by 2023, including adding dimmers, automatic motion sensors, all-off switches and more to improve efficiency and further reduce carbon emissions.

Did you know?

Over the next few decades, the Netherlands will be phasing out gas-powered heating and cooking in favour of cleaner alternatives, with other European nations expected to follow suit. In order to meet and exceed these regulations, we’re already working on reducing our properties’ reliance on non-renewable sources such as gas for heating.

Energy-efficient and fabric-first design

Energy efficiency begins before our buildings have even broken ground. With extensive experience building and managing properties across the globe, we always incorporate design elements that maximise the energy efficiency of our sites — such as by optimising solar gain or utilising openings, shading and natural ventilation. On top of this, we also take a ‘fabric-first’ approach to building design by minimising energy demand through building orientation, and maximising the performance of the components and materials that make up the building itself. In addition, our highly insulated buildings offer air-tightness far in excess of standard building regulations.

Goodman Energy Tracker

If we want to become greener, we first need to be able to track our energy consumption in real-time. That’s why we equip many of our properties with smart meter-enabled Goodman Energy Trackers — to empower our customers to proactively measure and optimise their energy, water and gas consumption. On top of visibly encouraging cost- and emissions-saving habits, these smart meters also let our customers seamlessly manage their environmental reporting and costs.