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Goodman Puurs Urban Forest

A forest on a logistics site is not the first thing that springs to mind. In the middle of 2020, however, Goodman started its pilot project at the Puurs Logistics Center, with great results: at the end of November the team in Belgium completed the first afforestation project according to the Miyawaki method. 

Miyawaki method

With an undeveloped plot of 2,000 m2 the site of the Puurs Logistics Center was ideally suited for this pilot project. After a soil analysis and soil cultivation, 6,000 yearlings from no fewer than 29 native tree species were planted according to the Miyawaki method, 3 trees per m2. This method, developed by the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, ensures that dense and native forests can grow in a more limited space in a relatively short amount of time. For the urban forest in Puurs, the sessile oak represents the largest number - 660, but also pedunculate oak, beech, lime tree, wild apple and pear and beautiful shrubs. Together, they will undoubtedly grow into an urban forest worthy of the name.

About Urban forest

Goodman realized the urban forest at the Puurs Logistics Center in collaboration with Urban Forest, founded by biologist Nicolas de Brabandère. He travelled to Asia to master the technique and then apply it in a European context. In the meantime, he has already been part of around thirty projects in Belgium and France and has reached the cape of planting 40,000 trees.

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29 November 2020

November and December are the perfect months to give yearlings maximum chances to grow into stately trees. Due to the current corona measures, only a handful of colleagues were able to put the finishing touches to the forest planting. The mayor of Puurs and Philippe Van der Beken, the driving force behind Goodman's first urban forest, were also happy to lend a helping hand.

Follow the growth of this forest and visit this page regularly for updates.