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First French plantation project to participate in carbon offset

Goodman Europe has sustainability high on their company’s agenda and commits to participating in carbon offset by planting one tree per sqm of building footprint. The Avion Logistics centre is the first to be offset in France and generates the plantation of a surface of six hectares in the Domanial Forest of Guînes.

The French forests’ vital role

In France, 31% of the metropolitan territory is covered by forests with 137 species of trees. They are the country’s second largest carbon sink and absorb 87 million tonnes of CO2, which amounts to the equivalent of 19% of France’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. 

The forests also represent a formidable reservoir of biodiversity: they are home to 73 species of mammals and 120 species of birds.

Goodman plantation in the Domanial forest of Guînes

Since 2017, forests located in the North of France have been experiencing a large decline of ash trees: they fell victim to an incurable parasitic disease named chalarose. In order to contribute to the preservation and creation of carbon sinks, Goodman France chose, within the context the Avion project, to partner up with ‘Office National des Fôrets’. 

With their action ‘Agir pour la planète’, they fight against the decline of these forests through planting 9,000 trees on two plots of land (6 hectares in total) in the forest of Guînes, near Calais in the North of France. The sessile oak trees (60%) and other various deciduous trees (cherrywood, beech and poplar trees) that were planted, will help regenerate the forest, improve its resilience and capture 1,660 tonnes of CO2.

This plantation project created 21 days of work, with Goodman’s participation including the crushing of vegetation, soil preparation, planting of the trees and maintenance of the plantation over the course of 5 years.

ONF-Agir pour la planète presentation

‘Agir pour la planète’ is part of ONF (French National Office of Forests) which acts for the environment and protects French forests. 

Their protection missions are very extensive: preserving biodiversity, protecting water resources, preventing natural risks, guaranteeing the forest-game balance and safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage. Goodman selected ‘ONF-Agir pour la planète’ as a credible, solid and national actor.