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Goodman, experts in logistics space

Logistic solutions for various industries

At Goodman France we provide logistics warehouse solutions for companies across all industries including; logistics service providers, automotive, retail, e-retail and manufacturers.

Customer focus

Superior customer service is the foundation of Goodman’s success. Our integrated own+develop+manage customer service offering is at the heart of everything we do.




Goodman buys for the long term, providing ongoing relationships with customers and quality returns for investors.


Goodman’s significant property development program includes sites across continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia Pacific, North America and Brazil. Our development projects are purpose-built to meet the growing needs of our customers and investors.


Goodman’s in house property services teams ensure our customers’ operational needs are met and our assets are maintained to an exceptional standard. This results in increased customer satisfaction, higher retention rates and secure returns for investors.


We own, develop and manage spaces that add maximum value to businesses.