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First Spanish plantation project to participate in carbon offset

Goodman Europe commits to participate in the carbon offset by planting one tree per sqm of building footprint. Montcada Logistics Centre, is the first to be offsetted in Spain and generates the plantation of a surface of 11 hectares in national parks between Barcelona and Girona.

Objectives of the plantation

The main objective is the restoration of the forest cover, specifically in the national parks in the area of Barcelona and Girona.

  • Adaptation to climate change: by creating a mixed forest, stability and resilience is brought to the ecosystem, making possible to better adapt to climate change effects and other current and future alterations, guaranteeing the permanence of the forest.
  • Densification: The density of woodland will be increased by planting new trees.
  • Habitat improvement: Different habitats of special conservation value will be improved.

Characteristics of the plantation

The 15 different species used are of an autochthonous of the Mediterranean region and were distributed on the ground according to their nature and suitable origin to maintain a good phytosanitary status. We planted mainly pine trees of the species nigra, pinaster, pinea and halepensis; and in lesser proportion oak, rowan and Montpellier maple. Riparian vegetation is composed of: willows, alders and ash trees. 

This represents a total of 11,970 trees planted between November 2020 and March 2021 that will generate a total absorption of 2,400 tons of CO2.

The plant (never seeds) were not bigger than 40 cm, to allow better rooting and survival compared to larger formats. The density to be used will be 1,000 units in general.

Partnership presentation: Bosques Sostenibles

Bosques Sostenibles is an organisation part of La Encina Group, with more than 30 years of experience in environmental management.

This organisation manages plantation projects in Spain and Portugal that aimed at the creation of forests, the recovery of degraded spaces and the conservation of areas of great natural value.

Goodman selected Bosques Sostenibles as credible, solid national actor, recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition. Their reforestation projects are a good example of good practices for European institutions such as EUSTAFOR.