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COVID-19 Goodman update

Friday, 20 March 2020

With the emerging incidence of COVID-19 across continental Europe, Goodman is continuing to follow best practice advice from the World Health Organization and the authorities to ensure that the health and safety of our customers, contractors, our people and their families remains the highest priority. We have implemented several precautionary measures to help minimise the possible spread of the virus, so we can continue to service our customers as effectively as possible.

+  Goodman developments
We are in regular contact with contractors working on Goodman developments and properties. The impact of COVID-19 is evolving from day-to-day and forces all parties involved to take the appropriate measures. While we aim to continue the operations on our constructions sites in the best possible circumstances, the safety of all involved will be our the priority.


+  Meetings
With remote working in place, we will use voice and/or video conferencing to conduct meetings. Where face-to-face meetings are required, we encourage effective hygiene practices, including not shaking hands and keeping a social distance of at least one meter.No on-site meetings will be held in closed environments such as a construction shack or densely populated areas (including outdoors).


+  Limiting Goodman staff movement
We are limiting movement between office locations and practicing social distancing. In most cases, our teams are working remotely, however where it is necessary for people to come to the office, we are restricting the number of those gathering together.

Goodman is focused on providing you with relevant information around COVID-19. Please advise [email protected] us if your point of contact for Goodman changes during this period so we can update contacts accordingly.


+  Questions?

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation changes.
Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions. 


COVID-19 resources

+The following websites provide the latest information about the COVID-19 and preventative measures you can take: