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ID Logistics expands services in Poland

Thursday, 24 October 2019

The international logistics group ID Logistics teamed up with Goodman to build a new facility in Poland, which enables the company to answer the logistic challenges of the future. Sylwia Dunn, Business Development Director of ID Logistics Poland, reveals how the partnership made this demanding project possible.

ID Logistics is a dedicated logistics solution provider, which is still quite a niche in the Polish market. “We are focusing on retail as well as on the sector of fast-moving consumer goods”, Dunn explains. “In the coming years, we aim to extend our presence in cosmetics, e-commerce and fashion.”

All-in-one services

One of ID Logistics’ biggest challenges will be to keep on meeting all the requirements of their customers, who are becoming more and more demanding. “The e-commerce business is growing very rapidly”, Dunn says. “More and more clients are asking us about things like storage ability. This used to be in the hands of various logistics providers. But nowadays, companies want it all in one hand.”

In a world where providing dedicated solutions has become the standard, finding the best possible location for a client is crucial. But it does not stop there. “Timing obviously remains a big issue. For long or short-term projects, clients require that we meet deadlines to make the facility available on time. Another important factor is the ability to adapt to certain projects. This particular project was extremely demanding in terms of timing. From the day the decision was made to the go-live moment, we had only 2,5 months. Goodman was the only partner that could give us a facility on time”, Dunn concludes.