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Stanley Black & Decker


Two distribution centres in one location

Stanley Black & Decker delivers tools and solutions to professionals, consumers and industrial companies.

Following the merger of Stanley and Black & Decker in 2010, the subsequent enterprise sought to consolidate operations from two European distribution centres in one location. The new facility needed to be much larger than Black & Decker’s former 16,000 sqm building and Stanley’s 20,000 sqm site combined in order for Stanley Black & Decker to fulfil its ambition for rapid growth.

Warehouse location with excellent accessibility

As separate companies, both were already well-established in Belgium. Given its central position in Europe, the new endeavour wanted the distribution centre to remain located in the country. The prime strategic location chosen has excellent transport connections via water, road and rail. It is also close to cargo airports as well as Stanley Black & Decker’s customer base. Most important was that the development be delivered quickly and in two phases to limit interruption to Stanley Black & Decker’s operations.
Stanley Black & Decker’s key requirements for the built-to-suit facility were:

  • Rapid delivery in two phases
  • Strategic location for inbound and outbound products
  • Incorporation of proprietary safety systems
  • Possibility to expand for further business growt

Goodman Solution

Located in Tessenderlo, in Belgium’s Limburg province, the tailor-made 64,462 sqm logistics building comprises 61,486 sqm of warehouse space, 2,398 sqm of offices and social rooms and 578 sqm of technical rooms for the return and repair of sold products and reparation of internal handling equipment. A battery recharging room was also built into the design. It was the largest industrial facility to be developed in Belgium since 2009. It was also one of the first-ever warehouses to comprise two single 30,000 sqm units – delivered successively – making it compliant with recently introduced fire regulations. The property supports Stanley Black & Decker’s Stanley Fulfillment System; a force for operational excellence that drives best practice within the organisation. 

Rapid delivery

The first half of the warehouse and entire office space was delivered in April 2012, just five months after the building permit was granted. The remainder was handed over seven months later. Rapid delivery was possible thanks to Goodman’s exceptionally good relations with local authorities; we proactively applied for the necessary permits on Stanley Black & Decker’s behalf. 

Ideal location 

The site is well-situated just 8 km from Belgium’s most-used inland container terminal in Meerhout. Almost all inbound containers (10,000 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit)/year) are delivered via the terminal. Outbound deliveries are carried by truck. The development is at the strategic axis of Antwerp, Lummen and Liege and has a direct connection to the E313 motorway. Incorporation of proprietary safety systems Stanley Security, a Stanley Black & Decker’s business unit, develops security systems. The company was keen to have its proprietary systems used at the facility. Goodman strives to be extremely flexible in our approach to development. We worked with Stanley Black & Decker’s project team to incorporate the security systems into the design. The facility also features a number of sustainable features; light and motion sensors, reflective white coating on walls and ceilings, natural daylight, rainwater recovery, greater insulation and night ventilation.


Fully customized property at strategic location 

The new fully customised property was delivered within the necessary strict time frame and within budget. It has enabled Stanley Black & Decker to consolidate operations and exceed expectations for the newly merged organisation, as well as to significantly expand its business. Stanley Black & Decker has already increased its manpower at the site from 300 to 450 employees. Expansion onto surrounding land is foreseen for the future. The company enjoys the environmental and cost benefits linked to inland waterway transportation for the supply of materials from Antwerp Port to the Terminal. The development has become the company’s distribution centre for a wide variety of construction and do-it-yourself products, as well as accessories, including Stanley hand tools and storage products, Black+Decker and Dewalt power tools and Bostitch and Powers products. From this new strategic location, it serves customers in the Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.



  • Tessenderlo, Belgium 
  • 5 km to the E313 motorway 
  •  8 km to Meerhout Inland Container Terminal 
  •  11 km to the E314 motorway 
  •  45 km to Tongeren 
  •  62 km to Port of Antwerp 
  •  70 km to Liege Airport 
  •  80 km to Brussels Airport (Zaventem) 


  •  Land area: 148,010 sqm 
  •  Warehouse area: 61,035 sqm 
  •  Canopies: 2 x 600 sqm 
  •  Office space: 2,392 sqm 

 Delivery time 

  •  Phase 1: November 2011 to April 2012 (5 months) 
  •  Phase 2: April 2012 to November 2012 (7 months) 

 Technical details 

  •  Super flat floor (WTCB TV204 kl I) 
  •  Floor capacity: 50 kN/sqm, 80 kN point load 
  •  Overhead doors: 9 Loading docks: 95 
  •  Free height: 10.5 m 
  •  Night ventilation system to cool the warehouse 
  •  Sprinkler system compliant with FM regulations